Can't delet file...


When I try to delet an instal log file from indesign 1.5 I receive a message that i don't have sufficient privileges. How do I get around that.

I had to instal indesign in classic mode to get it to work, in X mode it couldn't install because of an error with a nother file with the same name, I have no idea which file it was.

But indesign works now..
I have checked my computer and the file is not lock. could it have something to do wit the fact that i istalled it under os 9??

Hiw do I get around that?

It's bloody irretating when you can't delet a fil like that.

I guess I could restart with os 9 and delet it.
sorry about the spelling errors and missing letters. I'm using a a bad italian keybord and the compuer is a PC... I'm at work.....:rolleyes:
It's quite easy to remove it with the Terminal. Open it up and type this:
cd ~/.Trash
sudo rm -ri ./*
It should ask you for your root password, and then ask about each file to delete.
To prevent this (not able te delete, rename, copy or whatever) in the future do the following :
- Startup NetInfoManager
- Go to domain and the submenu authenticate
- authenticate
- go back to domain now the submenu enable root-user and enter a password
- you've now enabled the root user

- restart and log in as root with the passw you gave it
- single click your hd and get info
- goto privileges and there they are ! Give everyone read and wright privileges and restart again. You won't see the problem again,... but :

1) Don't use your mac in OS X as a root user, so always log in as ,... ehhh,.. as yourself. This is because OS X keeps a log of everything happening, and when there are problems and somebody has to troubleshoot, then he/she can't see the difference between processes launched/edited/whatever by you or by the root (the real owner)
2) Changing the privileges in this way is a security risk