Can't delete file...


Somehow a file named "untitled folder" appeared on my desktop recently. What's strange about it is that it has no icon. If I try to delete the file using the GUI, it gives me an error -35 and says "The operation cannot be completed because one of more required items could not be found." If I try to rename it, it says "The operation could not be completed because the disk '/' is not available anymore." Funny, I see my root partition on the desktop. If I try to open/run the file, it claims "There is no application available to open the document "untitled folder." I went into the terminal and looked in the places the file appears to be located, but it is nowhere to be found. I also tried fsck thinking it might be a renegade file, but that didn't turn out well either. Any ideas what this is all about?
Where did you look? I'd expect it to be in <tt>~/Desktop/</tt> - but if the filename start with a dot the standard <tt>ls</tt> command won't show it and you'll need to use <tt>ls -a</tt>.

I have been a Unix admin for quite a while, and not seeing it with -a stumped me. I don't know what else Apple had up their sleeves in terms of file hiding. Any other ideas? It's quite weird. I'd like to figure out what a -35 error is... I don't think OSX errors are the same as the old MacOS error numbers.

If you don't see it with <tt>ls -a</tt>, then I guess it's not there; so it must be stored somewhere else on the file system.&nbsp; I'm not expert enough to guess where :)&nbsp; Any other folders called <tt>Desktop</tt> about?