Can't Drag Files + Strange Behaviour Osx10.2.8/b&w G£


Apologies if this isa re-post: I keyed all this in and thought I'd lost it the first time, but may have sent it.

I have bought a b&w G3 tower and fitted a second HDD which is IDE, and now the boot drive (OSX 10.2). The original is too small - it's connected to the SCSI card. Apparently the Mac is 'Rev B' and this should all be OK - I looked into it before buying the second HDD.

I've noticed strange behaviour however: periodically I am unable to drag files and folders to new locations in the finder - they seem to 'lock'. And windows mysteriously close themselves, and some apps crash (notably Eudora).

The other thing that may affect this is memory: I think it came with 256 mb. The person I bought it from 'threw in' a couple of small strips of memory - I think 36 mb each, from memory, that 'looked the right sort'. And it booted ok. But might they in fact be 'the wrong sort'?

Just wondering if you have any suggestions?

Many thanks

Another thread elsewhere for someone with a similar problem running 10.2.3 suggests the deletion of:


Then logging out, and logging back in.

Is this safe to try, or likely to have any adverse effects?