Can't dual boot

matt beals

I have a Beige G3/266 with Sonnet G4/400 ZIF upgrade. On my 4gig internal IDE dirve I have OS 9.1. I connected a external 2gig SCSI drive to the built in SCSI port to install OS X. That went fine, I was able to boot into OS X. In OS X, I set the startup drive to my OS 9.1 drive and now I can't boot into OS X at all. I did update my startup disk control panel yesterday. Any ideas?

I had the same problem earlier today. I could not boot into OS X after booting into 9.1. I tried the Startup Disk utility while in 9.1 with no success. What I ended up doing was booting off the 9.1 CD, and running the Startup disk utility off the CD. Chose my OS X disk as the volume to boot, and I was able to get back in. This was on a B&W G3 350.
I reinstalled OS X on my external SCSI drive, and left OS X as the default boot disk. I realized that if I press option while the machine is turned on, OS 9.1 will boot. Apparently there is a boot disc selector command key sequence. I guess it is like extensions manager in the way it works, a selectable list of boot drives.