Cant find downloaded email attachments of mov files


My daughter sends me videos in both emails and messages, but after I click to download them, I can never find them. I did a search for all mov files with EasyFind today and found them, but can't seem to get to them in Finder. I'm wanting to create an alias on my desktop to be able to access them quickly. Yes, I can use "Reveal in Finder", but why can't I use Finder and just follow the path to them?

They show as Pegs>Library>Mail> and etc. I immediately run into a block at Library. I open Pegs, but there is no Library folder there.

Mavericks is great in so many ways, but finding things in Finder has been made much more difficult. I don't grasp the reasoning behind it.

Thank you for any help in making this an easier task, or explaining what I seem to be missing here.

Your Library folder is 'hidden' by default.
You can unhide it using tips found on the web, such as this one.
The last couple of OS X versions have the home library folder hidden by default. We can only speculate why Apple did this.

Maverick - 10.9 makes it a bit easier to make visible. jbarley gave you the link for instructions on that version.
Or you can use these instructions --> 10.9

10.7 & 10.8 is not as easy, but here’s the best instructions.