Can't Get a Windows Xp User Logon Privlidges On Os X Tiger Server


I'm using OS X Server 10.4, and trying to get a Windows XP user on our network to logon with his own account. I've created a new user profile in Workgroup manager, but when going to the Windows tab for his settings, it said I needed the password to be "open directory" in order to enable windows logon services. I went to the advanced tab to change the user password type from "shadow", but there were no other options availible to choose from at the time. I did a bit of homework, and discovered I had to activate "open directory" and "windows" services in server administration. I also learned that I needed to change the server role in the "windows" service settings from "standalone server" to "primary Domain Controller" in order to have different password options for my user and to be able to enable windows logon services in the first place. However, whenever I try to change the server role to anything but "standalone", I get a error saying the system couldn't make the server a Windows domain controller.

This seems an overly complicated way to get a Windows user to login, but so far I've only had the server help documentation to guide me, and I'm thoroughly confused. Could anyone give me a hand in getting a Windows user to logon with basic access to shared folders? Thanks.