Can't get CDs in to the Drive


I have a ten month old G4 12" iBook. This is the first time I had a problem with the CD/DVD drive. Last Saturday I was at a BBQ and I was providing the music on my laptop/airport/CD player. I was given a CD to play and I did because it was made by French friends ect. Anyway, I had a real struggle to get it out of my computer and now I can't get anything in. The CDs wnt go any further than half way in, maybe less than that. It feels like something is blocking them and I don't know what to do. Do you think it's a hardware problem? I don't know how the CD could have effected my computer but it's buggered it.
I'm not a techi kind of person and short of restarting it a few times I don't know what to do. Any solutions that don't require sending off my computer would be most helpful.

Thank you.
Am I right if I guess that the newer G4 12'' ibooks have slot-in drives? If so, are you (sorry for asking) sure there is no CD in already? 10 months age means your ibook is still covered by the warrenty. I would quickly check at the next store rather than trying to fix it on your own, if there is no CD in already. ;)
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I suspect your "real struggle to get it out of my computer"
left the drive mechanism misaligned. It's a fairly easy fix,
but a repair shop is needed.

And claiming warranty service would get you a giggle.