Can't get Classic to load in OSX


Alright, when using the PB I could always easily get Classic to start up under my Lombard. Now under X, even 10.01 Classic starts up then freezes saying something to the effect that the hard drive won't work for this model of Mac, please run the newest updater for it. Well, there are NO updaters for a Lombard, let alone its HD! Any ideas?!!?
Your MacOS 9 System Folder is 9.1, not 9.0.x, right?

If you open the Startup Disk preference panel, can you select your OS 9.1 system folder and reboot back into 9.1 natively okay?
Yea I can RESTART into 9.1 to use the classic apps, but I still want to at least try to use Classic from within OSX. So far that has been an impossible task, no matter what I try to do, short of reformatting.

Oh, OSX is on a Unix partition *the X one Apple's installer made available* while 9.1 is on a standard Mac HFS partition.
Oh! That's the problem, then. Classic won't launch if the main OS install is on UFS; it needs to be HFS+. I, um, hate to say this, but you'll probably need to reinstall OS X as a clean HFS+ install instead of UFS.

I could have sworn this was in the Read Before You Install but it doesn't appear to be.

Ah, there is a Knowledge base article that suggests a workaround you might try (I've not done this myself):