Can't Get OSX To Boot on Beige G3


I have a Beige G3 266 with UltraWide 2 SCSI (configured by apple on this sort of server box), Internal SCSI Drive is 4 gigs, 520 Megs RAM, External LaCie CDR and 18 Gig SCSI drive. I have no upgrades or addons that did not ship with this box except the RAM.

Here's my problem.

OSX will not boot. I have reformated the internal drive, installed OS9, then OSX, discounected all periferals, installed a terminator on the SCSI external port, selected the OSX volume with the SYSTEM DISK software, and still no go.

I have followed the limited guidance published by Apple. I am no novice but am feeling very frustrated. After two full days of this nonesense I am about to give up.

If you can give me some guidance on this I would appreciate it greatly.

babu --
A quick search on Apple's knowledge base would have revealed that some Apple Ultra Wide SCSI cards (installed in some beige G3's and beige G3 servers) need a firmware update to be able to boot OS X.
The article, with instructions and links to the updaters, can be found here.

Hope this helps,

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That was the problem!!

Now the truth about Apples Knowledge base. It may have the anwsers, but it is difficult to search. I had searched it at least three times, never finding this information. I didn't put in the name of the SCSI card, but I searched for Beige G3 Updaters and variations on that theme, and nothing of value.

Thanks again.

I am now looking at my G3 OSX SETUP Assistant screen. Oh joy, I know what I'll be doing this holiday weekend.
Glad that helped.

I guess I probably wasn't telling the whole truth about "a quick search on apple's knowledge base" because there is no such thing. Truth be told, I just happened upon the article while I was looking for something else, and I figured it would have been easy to find if you were looking for it. Guess I was wrong -- sorry!

That darn knowledge base "reinterprets" your search terms to the point of uselessness. Basically, one day I just read all of the article titles in the entire OS X knowledge base, just so I would know what was in there, because a search is totally worthless. Their TIL is so much easier to use.

Oh well,