Can't get Quicken 2001 R2 to run in Classic


I can't get Quicken 2001 R2 to run in Classic. It launches, bounces in the Dock, then quits. I have R2 as "Latest News" states. Anyone else with this problem?
I had the same problem. What you have to do is a fresh install, update to R2, and make sure the preferances are thrown from your OS9 system folder. Make sure to backup your data file :)

a form over at which i started got this solution, worked for everyone over there so hopefully it'll work for you, good luck.
Thanks for the suggestion. Since I had just recently performed a new Quicken install and R2 update a few weeks ago under 9.1 anyway, I tried just turning the backdrop off. It works fine now. I didn't toss the preferences but I did toss my old 98 preferences.

One thing I notice, tho', is that if you resize a window, the outline for the new size does not show up. Have you seen this problem?