Can't get rid of it!


After wrestling with OSX for a couple of weeks, I finally decided it had to go. I removed everything I could find associated with it but I still cannot reboot without holding down the option key. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm running G3/MT/upgraded 400MHz ZIF with 192MB RAM; 3 drives...brand new internal IDE to replace the OEM Western Digital which crashed about a month ago. System software resident on 3GB SCSI drive which is where I put OSX. I decided after the crash that all system s/w should remain isolated from the rest of my junk.

I copied the OS9 folders to the new drive AFTER I had istalled OSX which may be part of my problem.

Try zapping the pram. Tech tool will do it for you, or you can do it yourself by holding down "com-opt-p-r" when you start up. wait for it to beep twice.

If that doesn't do it, try doing a custom find - look for invisible items, folders, etc. stuff that wasn't there before. I'm going to post some screen-captures of every thing I can think of, maybe the filesystem layout will be something to consider...

Hope it works, let us know if it does/doesn't!
You didn't say whether you had tried to set the System Disk utility once you removed OS X. Try that first; put the OS X CD in the drive, go to the utilities folder, and run system disk. Click on your OS 9 system folder, then close the window.

If that doesn't work, you can try resetting PRAM like above. If you put your OS 9 folder in after the fact you may want to consider a clean installation.
thanks everyone! I zapped the PRAM and that didn't seem to work. Got my OSX disk back from a friend and did the system disk routine. Then zapped the PRAM again.

Seems to have cured the problem.

Appreciate the help!