Can't get to my OS9 folder


I installed OSX on a partition that alredy had OS9 on it so I could have a separate system folder that ran classic (another partition has the untouched OS9 system on it) I thought that after the install I would go through and trim down the Mac OS 9 folder on the OS X partition, but the whole directory seems to be invisible or inaccessible or something. Sherlock sees it, but I can't open any of the files, and if I open any folder the contents are blank...

I really want to get into it... anybody have ideas?

I had this happen to me as well. check the permissions on the Mac OS 9 folder. On my system the permissions were set so that only root could view the contents after I installed OS X. I simply changed the permissions and was able to view everything.

Hopes this helps :),
Actually I just solved the problem...

I think the issue was that my old OS9 partition was named "Mac OS 9" and somehow that conflicted with the folder name... I went into OS 9 and changed the partition name to something else, and lo and behold, all the files were visible...