Can't import wavs to Flash 4

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Here's what I'm trying to do and the systems I'm using:

1. Want to import WAV files to my Flash 4 doc (OS 9 version/Classic) and it WON'T LET ME NO MATTER WHAT I DO.
2. I'm working in OS X 10.2.8
2. I've tried 44Hz, I've tried 22Hz. I've tried cutting my 10MB WAV into pieces at both of these Hz levels and nothing works.
3. I import and get the message that the "file could not be imported". Not real helpful.

So, anyone know what I have to do to make this work? I'm also trying to avoid spending $399 on an upgrade to MX.

Thanks in advance.
I found out some things:

Flash 4 doesn't import wav.

I was trying to use a wav converted to an mp3 converted to an aiff file (supported by Flash) so I realize now that was dumb. When I just use my wav file from protools I can export snippets from that as wav and then bring those wavs into SoundEdit (Classic app) so save out as aiff.

Not elegant but it's working!
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