Can't install Canon MP760 printer on Mac OS X 10.4.2


I'm trying to install the drivers for a Canon MP760 printer but the installation process hangs during the "Installing BJ printer driver" step.

This is on a 12" PowerBook running Tiger. I downloaded the MP760PD302MX_ML.dmg image from the Canon site, unpacked it and ran it normally. Halfway through the "install" step (judging by the blue progress bar) it hangs while displaying the message:

Installing BJ printer driver
Running Installer Script
Time Remaining: Less than a minute

I've reseated the USB cables, power-cycled the printer and rebooted my Mac (the only steps suggested by Canon's troubleshooting instructions) to no avail.

Funny thing is, I've successfully installed this printer on this machine before, but I had disk problems and had to revert to a backup prior to the install. I do have some system files from after the previous install mounted in a backup directory. Could those be confusing the installer somehow? If so, how would I track them all down to remove them?

Or is there some other likely explanation and fix?
Problem solved: someone on another forum suggested deleting /Library/Printers/Canon and starting over. That did the trick.