can't install on beige G3

Glenn Tiffert


I can't boot the OS X beta installer cd on my beige G3. booting with "C" held down only gets me the blinking question mark and then a white screen with the words "no bootable HFS partition" repeating across the screen.

the only way out of this is to force a reboot and zap my PRAM. the computer then goes to my internal HD as usual, boots up OS 9 and everything is fine.

i have an orangemicro ultra scsi PCI card installed which i am sure is well terminated.

my IDE buses are set up as follows:

bus 0: internal HD (master), internal CD-rom (slave)
bus 1: internal HD (master)

if i understand the documentation correctly, none of this should pose a problem.

before i open up my case and start flipping jumpers and pulling PCI cards, does anyone have any insight?


to answer my own question:

the OS X beta documentation clearly states that the beta cannot be installed on a slave ATA drive. fair enough.

what it does not say is that the installation cd-rom will not boot off of a slave cd-rom drive either. at least, this was my experience.

i had to recongifure jumpers and recable my drives so that the cd-rom drive and the destination hard disk were both masters. only then would the installer disc boot and allow me to install the OS.

after installation, i put the jumpers and cables back where they used to be:

IDE bus 0: OS X beta HD (master), cd-rom (slave)
IDE bus 1: another HD

since then it has been smooth sailing.

i had that same problem on my beige g3 installing dp3. here was my setup:
first ide chanel = 27gb ide drive,
second ide channel = 4gb drive (original drive)
i removed the ide cd-rom and put a scsi cd-r drive.

when i installed dp3 (or tried to) i would get the same error, and would half to zap the pram to get it to boot back to os9 again. it was a while ago and i think i remember something about having to have an apple ide cd-rom drive to install it.

do you or anyone else know if osx will install on my system with this setup?