Can't kick the habit...


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This is quite troubling for me, but I need a first-person shooter on the systems I use (even a demo). With the Classic OS I have my choice, with Rhapsody for Intel I have both Doom and Doom II, with Rhapsody/Server 1.x I have Doom, Doom II, Quake II, and there was a Quake III beta for awhile. Even in Mac OS X DP4 and PB there was Quake III. I'm by no means a gamer (I've lived with the demo of Quake III for almost a year and the demo of Unreal Tournament seems just fine to me), I just enjoy a little distraction (of a violent nature) from time to time. You know, work for an hour and then kill things for 5 or 10 minutes. If Id hadn't gotten involved, Omni would have finished updating Quake III for 10.0 by now (actually two month ago).


(*alien and evil mutant things that is)
There is a theme park in japan where you can use any kind of weapon on a shooting range. There is almost every conceivable weapon available, even tanks I think, of course you have to rent the weapon and buy the ammo. I think the theme park is in japan, I am not tottaly sure. I saw it on NHK one day ( a japanese station on satelite ).

Hmmm sound like a good idea for the states as well .... we have 6 flags, and disneyland... now we can also have NRA world too LOL :D

--> maybe sleep deprivation is causing me to say these things... need some more coffee LOL <--
I think the place you're thinking of is called Knob Creek. It's in Kentucky. They have an annual hootenanny where people bring flame throwers, mortars, machine guns and what-nots. I think that would be kind of fun to see.

I think that theme park is year long and most of it is "sheltered" so that even if it's raining outside you can shoot your handguns (that you;ve rented". I think only the artilery would be outside on open fields and only a spring/summer event LOL :p

Personally I went out shoppig yesterday and found the Diablo "gift pack" or something like that. It had diablo 1 and diablo 2 and some strategy guides in the box. I had played diablo 2 last year with my friends and liked it (but never got to finish it) so I got it and started playing... nothing like killing the undead LOL :p

LOL I am now officially a diablo addict.
I spend a lot of hours yesterday playing this game and if I dont finish it I will go crazy lol :p I am lost in the archbishops secret room.... call the pope...this guys is definatelly unholly LOL :p

I kick his democ ass lol ... now on to diablo 2 :p (thats what an addiction does to you, you finish a game in 3 days ... well with a little her to make me an uberhuman :p)