Cant Launch Garageband


Problem: garageband launches progress bar, and stays on that progress bar indefinitely.
dual500g4, os 10.3.9

-17 inch monitor died, so I connected my backup monitor, an Acer 54el, 15 inch.
-Couldnt get resolution above 800x600, kept getting warnings from garageband "monitor resolution is not ideal" (or similar) but GB ran ok for 3 mths.
-Now GB wont load.
-reinstalled GB 1 from ilife cd (custom install), still no better.
-Now itunes wont load either. Both require a force quit.

I cant afford a new monitor yet, is there any way GB can run on a 15 inch monitor with res 800x600?

Why wont itunes run?

Thanks in advance.

Try going to
Macintosh HD > Users > yourusername > Prefrences

And move the following files to your desktop. If the programs work after moving them; then delete them.



No that didnt work. I even trashed every GB file, and reloaded Gb a third time, but still no difference. Itunes didnt respond either.
Thanks for trying to help, its much appreciated.

What next?