can't log in after installation


OK, here is my story+problem:
I have 9.0.4 installed, recently reformatted the disk, now I have two partitions on my 6 gig drive( I have an original B&W with
a 350 mhz processor and 192 megs of memory ). First partition is with 9.0.4 and applications on it ( is 1.5 gig ) and on the second
I just installed X ( I had on this partition some folders ).
I installed on this second partition X without erasing that partition everything went OK but after I configured my computer
and I restarted in X did not allow me to log in. I type my log in name and the password and the log in window is shaking
and is erasing my password but anything else is happen.
So, is somebody who can help me with this ?
Thank you.