Can't log on!


I've been having some weird problems with Mac OS X since I updated to 10.1. It has all led up to this: At login, I have only one login option for the user: "Other..." (I previously had 4 different logins). Anyway, when I click on "other," I'm presented with user name and password fields. None of my old user names work. I started up from the 10.1 CD and selected "Reset Password" from the Installer menu, and the program doesn't even recognize that there are any users on the disk.

I have run disk utility from the 10.1 CD as well as starting up in single user mode and runing fsck (both report no problems with the disk). In Mac OS 9, the folders for the users are still in the users folder. I'm totally screwed if I can't get into OS X. Does anyone have any ideas?

The history of my experiences with 10.1:

1. Every once in a while, my Mac OS X partition gets messed up and reports that there is absolutely no space available on the drive. Usually running fsck repairs the problem. The most recent time, when I ran fsck, it found no errors. After I restarted, I was presented the login window that has "other..." as the only option.

2. My computer doesn't wake up from sleep about 1/2 of the time =(.