Can't make it work!

Kim Mills

Hello, I seem to be having a problem.

I am not sure if this is posted somewhere else, but I can't seem to make my mac sleep manualy. Also i have stuff in my trash and when i empty it it says 'you do not have sufficiant privaleges', i am the only user?? :confused:

Please help if you can answer either of these.

thanks in advance

Kim:( :(
I had the same problem about "empty the trash" that happened the second day after I installed OSX...I didnt know then ( and still dont know now) any thing about unix what I did was dowload from some liittle app named "Get Info" with it you can easilly change privileges.
I hope it works, it did for me
I have a PowerBook G3 and a PowerBookG4 never had the manual sleep problem
Good luck
I have a powerbook G4. I had a problem with sleep only once (just after installing 10.1), when the computer hung, but the screen was black (no sleep light). I have not had the problem since and don't know what caused it.

With the trash problem, it's not the good old "the item is locked" issue?