Can't paste icons in Finder


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I can't paste custom icons using the Finder's Get Info panel. This includes pasting a generic graphic on the clipboard as well as copying and pasting an icon from another file's icon.

Can anyone else report if they have or do not have this problem?

I have 10.0.3.

I too have read that supposedly it is as easy as it was in 9.1 to chnge icons but its becoming a real pain. I D&D both into the Inspector, and through the Clipboard but still no go.

Sawtooth 400 / 448 RAM
2 GB OS X/OS 9.1
500 MB OS 9.1
7 GB extra
SCSI card
17" StudioDisplay
The nearest thing I've had to the problem that you've described was icons not taking their new form until after re-logging in.
No, you shouldn't have to log out and log back in... I just tried it and it works fine. Although changing the hard disk icons is something else altogether--I haven't had any luck in that department. Anybody else?