Can't print from Linux to OSX


In debt medical student
I have printer sharing with CUPS and Samba going on my OS X box with a Brother printer attached. After some false starts, it works fine printing from XP across the network.

But I can't get my Linux box to recognize it. There seems to be little documentation on how to print TO a server in Linux, plenty on BEING the server. I've tried adding the printer under CUPS on Linux and running cupsd, but when I try to add it I get a message saying "client-error-not-authorized".

I've somehow managed to add the printer once even though I got that message (I think I restarted cupsd), but even though I installed (or at least tried to) gimp-print no Brother printers show up in the printer type, so it prints gibberish. But at least data does go through.

Frustrating, as XP and Linux are on the same box and we use Linux 20x more often than XP if not more. Any help appreciated.