can't remember what dynamic this is, help!


OK about 3 months ago I dl-ed a real cool application from VersionTracker, it did this:

take a screenshot of your desktop and IMMEDIATELY and automatically have this image uploaded to an DNS # so that anyone with access anywhere in the World can IMMEDIATELY view your desktop by just typing in or whatever DNS# the app gives you (automatically)...

can anyone tell me what app this is please. I've searched at for 'screenshot' 'desktop' but don't seem to find anything that looks familiar... :confused:

prizes for correct answer? a word of thanks :D
Like duh!! I had it all the time...



[VersionTracker Description]
SnapperHead is a handy little app that sends screenshots to people who enter your IP address into a web browser. Simply launch SnapperHead, then send a friend your IP address (it is shown on the SnapperHead window under "Snaps Served"). When they type that internet address into the location field of a web browser (you know, where you usually type in ""), they will be sent, as an image in their browser, a picture of your screen. That's all there is to it!

I recommend it :)