Cant repair osx partition using DFA


when i run disk first aid it tells me that the os x partition has problems , about 4 or 5 diferent things, but then tells me to repair them , but it never allows me to click on the repair button, it never lights up :( this sucks ass dont tell me were back to the old way of having to boot to anothe partition or boot to the cd to repair the stupid drive , btw i never knew mac users were such unix gurus, it seems like every since os x came out , everyone knows unix
If the problem is sever it usually requires you to run DFA off the CD while booted into 9. I have seen people have problems under 9 that required this. Its not that big a deal at the moment and you can get a native version of Norton when it released.

On the Unix side of things: I had never used unix before I got X PB. I started messing around with it and learned a lot about using it. I am still learning unix but you can learn several things just by reading this forum.

Good luck,
There are a lot of filesystem problems that can't really be fixed if the filesystem is in use (i.e. open files), and whatever volume you are booted from is always in use so if that's where the errors are you have to boot from another volume-- much like you can't really heal a broken leg if you're walking your full weight on it all the time. You need a crutch to support you until it's fixed.