Cant restore iWeb files from Time Machin


i recently did a clean install of MAC OS, i thought i had taken care of every file to backup but didnt contemplated iWeb files!.
I have followed all the steps suggested in the forums to try to restore "*.sites2" files, but have not been able to find it in the backup.

1) First step, enter Time Machine:
ALT+right click Time Machine, select old backup.
Looked fot the this address:
1) /Users/Your username/Library/Application Support/iWeb/Domain.sites2 -> there is no folder named Library
2) /Users/Your username/Library/Application Support/iWeb/ -> there is no folder named iWeb
3) tried to search inside the backup for ".sites2" file -> no file found
4) tried to search inside the backup for "iWeb" file -> no folder found
5) donwloaded the program "Invisibility Toggler" to be able to visualize all the hiden files and ran the 4 steps again -> no result

Any suggestion how I can find the Domain.sites2 in my backup in any place in my backup.
It seams so strange since i was using it on a regular basis.
Thanks, Carlos