can't save Appleworks docs


Hi with os X running well I am able to start Appleworks
6.04 and create new docs. When I try to save them I see two icons appaer in the document (tempate and Document) that normally appear in the save window
when I click save a message comes up saying "the volume was not found". Does not matter were I save the doc. Nothing works

Any help would be appreciated


Yes, I've seen the template/document icons appear too. Obviously they are being drawn to the wrong layer.

When you saw you cannot save, do you mean your save button is greyed out? Take a look at the subdirectory the file selector is pointing to. If you are not saving to a subdirectory to which you have save/modify rights, you will not be given the option to save. Move over to your documents folder and saving should be available.

BTW, once you are able to save, check out what happens to your filename which you try to save as a PICT....