can't see my files


I've got a very frustrating problem on my hands... When I download something from ie I can not see the file in the finder after its done. If i go to the terminal I can see it there but the files are not visable in the gui until a restart... Any suggestions?
I've got the same problem. It's a real pain in the royal. Try this whenever it happens: search for your d/l in Sherlock, it will always find it where it belongs. When it does drag the file from sherlock and just wave it over a finder window (or the desktop) where the file should be. This is a pain but I've found no other solution at this point. Note that this does not happen if you are using a UFS format on your drive, but that carries it's own set of problems.
Try the following:

When you download something, open the Download Manager (It's under the tools menu). Select the item you are downloading and choose Get Info in the File menu.
Now push the Reveal in Finder button. A finder window will pop up and the item is now visible.
Another solution is to set your Downloads directory to ~yourusername/Library/Desktop. I did this in Omniweb and while I still sometimes can't see the downloaded file on the desktop at first a simple click on the background will reveal the file. Still not the ideal solution but it's simple and it works.