can't send email through pine...


well... I used to be able to... I have no idea what happened... updating and etc changes permission, so that may be it...

anyway, I got the sendmail working (again)... and I can send emails using mail (not mail app... didn't bother trying with that...)

but when I try to use pine to send email (smtp set to localhost), I get error, "can't connect to localhost:25" or something like that. anyone know what's going on?
It would appear as though Pine tries to connect to a running
local sendmail daemon on the local machine. A little odd
because many (most?) mail clients simply fire off/invoke an
instance of sendmail.

So, first off check to see if you have sendmail running on
the local machine (ps -awx|grep sendmail).

If it is running, you should be able to telnet to it (on port 25).

Did you
play games w/ the machine name so that the hosts file is
no longer pointing to localhost or whatever?
yea... I kinda realized that sendmail wasn't running at startup anymore... which was really weird... there really wasn't a reason for it not to be running at startup...

I guess the cause was me moving some of the stuffs out of the /system/library/startupitems/

I don't use apache or nfs (and NFS seems to have infinite processes doing nothing, even when I don't have exports set up... which was pretty annoying... maybe I messed thigns up) so I moved their stuffs in the startup directory, thinking it'll save some startup time (I'm not sure... cuz I'm never at the computer after I hit the power button... using headed to the fridge or bathroom).

anyway... I moved the directories back to startupitems directories... made sure nfs processes don't start (uh... is there a reason any of them should be running when I don't mount/export?) and rebooted... then sendmail started to run from startup again...

I guess I can't move anything from that directory.

thanks for the reply