Can't Send Pictures Using Iphoto

Esther Snively

When I try to mail a picture from my iPhoto album, I get a message to the effect that I can't send it because I'm not a .mac member.

My .mac membership doesn't need to be renewed till May 2006.

How can I send photos from my iPhoto to my friends?

I've been using a Mac since my 1990 MacPlus. Now I use PowerMac G4 OS x.2.8. I'm fairly competent with a Mac but still frequently challenged.

Thanks for your help.

Esther Snively
Hello Esther :)

If you are having problems using .mac mail for sharing photos, may I suggest you use a different mail client until the .mac situation corrects itself?

In the iPhoto>Preferences pane under the "General" tab at the bottom of that
pane it says: E-mail photos using: ....... there is a pop up menu available
there. I for one use America Online or the Mail client that comes with the Mac OS X with should be in your Dock. If not, you can access it this way:
Macintosh HD>Applications>Mail.

By the way, in the pop up menu in iPhoto 05, I can't see that if offers the .mac Mail client. Under "Share" in iPhoto, you can set up .mac slides for a slideshow.

Hope this helps a little bit!
Carolyn :)