Can't Send Using Apple Mail Via Aol Smtp


Hi, using 10.3.4 on a PBook 1.5

I think I have it set up correctly but can only receive.

Outgoing Mail Server is -

Server Port 25

Authentication - Password

User name -

Password - my AOL password.

I've noticed that in the Failed delivery message it says Send Message, omitting the part.

Could this be the cause? If so, why isn't it following my preferences and how do I change it?




I wish I knew more about this stuff. My port
settings are different (Port 995, SSL checked),
but I don't know why.

You might give AOL a call (You can't e-mail
them, right?).


You don't have to think anything. Apparently, AOL changes its IMAP settings on occasion. Download and run the AOL Service Assistant. It will enter the proper settings for you.

P.S.: You should not start two threads dealing with the same question.


I assume you have set up an IMAP account(since you say you can receive mail) and can get AOL mail okay.

I'm not familiar with the outgoing mail server setting. Mine is user name.

Then on the server setting window, the port setting is 587 (instead of the 25 for a POP account).
Authentication: Password
User Name: Your user name (leave off the
Password: Your AOL password.

Hope this helps,


Great - yes the Apple info on AOL is more accurate than the AOL info on the Mac, as I suppose you would expect.
I got it running using Matt's suggestions and then ran the AOL service asst for address book etc, thanks also MiserMe, for the very good advice re not thinking, you'll be glad to know that I have now stopped doing that nnnnnnnnn