Can't share info on other partitions


I have a blue box G4 with 256 MB RAM on which I installed the new Mac OS X Server. On the computer is one main hard drive (called main) and a secondary drive split into four partitions called HD1, HD2, HD3, HD4.

I have the company website in the Library/WebServer/Documents path which is located on the main HD. I have put files on HD1 and HD2 that I'd like the website to access but it doesn't work. I have made the drives share points and I've made an alias of a folder in HD1 and placed it in the Documents directory on the main HD but that doesn't do it either.

Anyone know what I'm missing here? Thanks in advance.

Before you installed OSX 10.0, did you make sure that all your drives are formated in Mac OS Extended format. If you are upgrading from OSX server versions 1.0 or 2.0 which used UFS, then you need to re-format the drive back to a Mac OS Extended format. Anything that resides on the UFS partition cannot be shared as a share point. Apple still is working on that part. But Apple is trying to make it so that everything works off of Mac OS Extended format. So you will have to do that to make it work right. Hope that helps. I think that what you wanted to know.


thanks for taking the time to offer a very logical solution, but I know the deal with the drives having to be OS Extended and they all are. I'd appreciate any other theories because I'm still stuck and Apple wants $200 for the answer by phone...schmucks

My guess would be Apache not following the aliases...have you tried creating aliases within Apache? Note, as I don't have X Server, I don't know how much you can do with the GUI-based config stuff for it, but editing the conf file by hand, you could try something like,

Alias /somepath/ "/Volumes/HD1/path/to/html"

restart the web server, and try getting /somepath/ and see if that works.
For security reasons Apache doesn't follow symbolic links, by default. You can change that somewhere in the config files, but I've no idea how. Look for some Apache config docs.