Can't start classic


Now I'm totaly lost.... On the first install I installed OS X and OS 9.1 on the same partition and Classic never worked... I then reinstalled OS X and OS 9.1 on two different partitions but with no luck. When I try to strat classic I get an error message saying

"There are no localized Classic-spesific resources to update the system folder on <partition>. Please select another startup disk"

Now, I can boot into OS 9.1 without any problems, but there is no way I can start classic... :(

Help, anyone?!?

fl0ffy <- Stupid..... I've figured out what my problem is (besides from beeing an absolute apple newbie). My OS9.1 is norwegian and my OS X is American English... no wonder the classic starter complains about localized resources. I'll have to hunt down the salesrep that sold me this combination and stuff the norwegian OS 9.1 CD down his throat :)

oh goodie... called Apple support and they'll help me fix my problem, I'll just have to wait for a CD that they have to order from Taiwan. It will be here in 3-4 weeks. And I thought M$ support sucked :(

- fl0ffy (Apple newbie and starting to wonder if it was worth it)