Can't start up MacOS9...Please Help!!!


Thanks for helping me out on the last problem, much appreaciated. Now I have encounted another problem, after I change the start-up disk in system preferences (choosing MacOS9) it doesn't start up...comes up with a Question marked folder.

I put in MacOS9 CD and try start up from there but it doesn't work either, is there any other key I can press at start up so I can get back to using MacOSX.

Now I am lock out of my computer so any help would be very helpful, Thank You.

If booting from OS 9 CD hold down c key while starting with CD in the drive.

If you are using the latest Mac like G4 use the option key to get boot menu to let you select which OS to boot up...

If using G3 then boot from OS 9 CD and use the "System Disk" that OS X installed for you...

good luck

I recently had a kernel panic problem where I couldn't even boot with an OS 9 CD...

I could hold down "C" to start to boot, but the machine would hang when trying to load the Finder. My only solution was to boot from the OSXPB CD, format my HD and reinstall.

I think my issue had something to do with disk drivers, but I feel your pain of not being able to get into your machine.

Anyway, if nothing else helps you, try booting from the OSXPB CD, and see where that gets you.