can't tar/gnutar/gunzip!


Tried to uncompress a number of files (5) using tar, gnutar, & gunzip (from the Terminal), but to no avail. I cd to the appropriate directory, type in the commands, but it acts like I didn't type anything. And please don't tell me to get OpenUp, because that's one of the files that I'm "working on." Any suggestions?

Muchos gracias...

P.S. - I'm using a 292MHz Powerbook (Wallstreet) w/192MB & it's running perfectly, other than the above mentioned problem...I can even swap files back & forth across the network...woo-hoo!
Okay, so I'm an idiot...

I figured out my problem -- the <Enter> key on my Powerbook doesn't work exactly the same as the <Return> key. If I hit <Return>, everything works just like it's supposed to. OTOH, if I hit <Enter>, it advances to the next line but doesn't process the command.