Can't use any Utilities from an OSX install disk?


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Hi -

Our macbook woke up with a blinking hard drive. I went to boot up with a CD and run Disk Utility, and used the install disk that came with our Mac Mini.

Instead, it says I can't install on that mac, and all options are disabled.

I didn't expect to be able to install from that disk, but why can't I even use disk utility?

Obvious answer to obvious question - I can't find the Leopard disk I used with the macbook.

Thank you.



Sadly I think you'll need to find the original disk that came with the macbook, or else buy a copy of Leopard (has to be a retail copy, black disk with a silver X).

The grey disks that come bundled with machines are locked to be useable by only that precise class of machine, and that seems to include use of the utilities on it as well as the installer.

In general you are always running a risk if you have a machine but not a working boot/install disk for it. Unfortunately for you, you are currently experiencing the reason for this :(