Can't write to Hard Drive


On another related note, my 10.0.4 has stopped me copying files to my Hard Drive, with the error message claimimg not enough priveledges.

Strange since I am logged in as Admin. The drop down menus in disk priveledge info are greyed out and cant be modified, and checking the ignore priveledges box does not work.

The other partitions are fine. Anyone help me get access to my Hard Drive (I'm a UNIX and OSX newbie).

Just wondering if enabling the root user would help (if it isn't already). In the Utilities section of Applications, open the NetInfo manager, I believe it's in there under "security" or something. You have to select "authenticate root user."

After that there are a few ways you can change the ownership (and priveleges) of files. You can login as the root user and, in the terminal, chown them ("CHange OWNer"). Or if you want to stay logged in as your normal account, give the same order in terminal as a superuser ("su chown [file] [user]"). It will ask for your root password and then execute the command.

I'm not a unix expert by any means but I do recommend you explore Terminal and read the man pages on some of these commands.