Capable Browswer


Here is the challenge I present to you ...

Find a browser designed for Mac OS X which has the ability to load a Java Yahoo game (

It isn't possible, from my experience ... I think I have tried everything. If I load the version of IE 5.0 in classic mode, it works just fine .... try it and let me know -- I am anxious to hear your results.

Now while I am an avid OmniWeb fan, they are definitely lacking the Java applet capability. Go to version tracker and try fizzila, it is what Netscape is based on, it was updated yesterday and a great browser.
Yeah, I have the latest port of it .... whilte it is a great browser ... it doesn't support what I am looking for.

Am I correct in saying that ALL of the browsers use Mac OS X's built in Java programs for java support --- hmm ... maybe this is why ALL of the browsers are having problems ... is it possible that the problems are found within OS X itself?