Case of the disappearing iTunes cursor...


Hey, I'm wondering if I'm there's any way to fix this. When I have iTunes in the foreground, when it switches to the next song in playlist (either automatically, or because I double-clicked it), my arrow cursor disappears! I then have to move it around and click in another app or in the menubar to make it appear again. I have had this problem with both the iTunes that came with 10.1 and the iTunes 2 I just downloaded.... ANY FIX?
Muchas gracias.
No ideas on a fix, but the same thing happens to me when i try to go fullscreen w/ the G-force plugin. It has the visual turned on, and when I press tab (which used to work in g-force and whitecap, This has not been a problem until the last couple weeks) or command-f or select fullscreen from the menu, the screen flashes, the visual turns off, but fullscreen gets a checkmark. and the mouse disappears. I was hoping iTunes 2 would fix this, but apparently not. (don't have it yet, just basing the not part on what you said)
... and it's really annoying! We need fixes!! I do have iTunes 2, by the way.