Catalina 10.15.2 on MacBook Pro won't shut down


Each time I try to shut down the MacBook Pro using the apple menu it shuts down but then starts up again immediately. I am not hitting restart by accident. Does anyone else have this issue and a resolution to fix it?
I looked at this but it doesn't really address my issue. It doesn't shutdown on it's own. It is only when I shut it down it restarts on it's own. If I touch ANY key on the keypad or the trackpad it suddenly restarts. I am used to having to touch the POWER ON key, or in the case of the Pro with touchpad, the Fingerprint ID pad. The problem with this is that I think it has shut down and I close it to travel and it is still on unbeknownst to me.
If this is now the new normal please let me know because I didn't ever hear that the new mac acts differently than my older MacBook Air, Mac Mini or any other mac with a power button or key.
This is not normal. How old is the MacBook? My honest opinion is to take it to an Apple Genius Bar.
It is less than a year old as far as I can recall. I already had to take it to a genius bar when I first bought it because there was an issue of it stalling when trying to first install the OS over the internet. They held it for a couple of days and wiped it clean, reinstalled the OS and it was fine until recently when I was trying to shut it down.
only the Duck Duck Go privacy essentials v 1.2.0. Nothing else that I can recall to be honest. It is possible that something else was installed but I don't remember.