Catalina Boot camp still on partitioning


Macbook Pro 15in 2019
MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina

Trying to install windows, bootcamp assistant 75% complete in "Partitioning Disk..." phase for 3 hours or so now. It isn't hung (no beach ball) and isn't complaining. I can operate the system and I can look at "About" in the bootcamp assistant menus etc so seems happy enough other than the sheer time it's taking!

Disk Utility shows Macintosh HD, Macintosh HD - Data and disc image that begins "CCCOMA_X86"

Not sure what to do here really. Or how to stop the process ("Stop" is greyed out!).
Do you have sufficient space for partitioning?

I would like to advise you to start-up Mac by Using Safe Boot Mode.