Catalina login screen will not respond to clicks, only keyboard.


I have the weirdest issue on my iMac running Catalina. I did a restart this morning. The login screen appears, shows all user accounts, but when clicking on any user account icon, I do NOT get the password entry field. When I click on sleep or restart, nothing - no response. So, anything and everything on that screen does not respond to clicks or keyboard. I thought I had a problem. Safe Mode would not work. I restarted many times, switched mouse, unplugged all USB stuff, reset PRAM, ran disk utilities, nothing. I started from an external USB drive running an older OS, and it worked fine. I booted in recovery mode again, but chose to reinstall the OS - Catalina.

After all that nonsense, I still could not click on my user account icon to enter my password. Instead, I used the arrow key to select a user, pressed Return and there it is. I have had Catalina up for a couple months, but rarely restart. Was that the trick all along? Did I go through all this nonsense for nothing. Can you no longer click on your user name to log in with Catalina? I have had tons of macs since the 1980s. I have been clicking on my user icon to login since 1999 and 10.0!!! Seriously, what is this?