cc/gcc not found


It seems that cc and gcc are not installed on my machine. Trying to configure Apache I got the following message:

Error: could not find any of these C compilers
anywhere in your PATH: gcc cc acc c89

Is it not included and have I to install that manually? Where can I get it?

THX for help!
If /usr/bin/cc isn't present, then you most likely need to install the developer tools CD, which will give you the necessary compiler and other goodies.
The Developers Package takes up roughly 613MB of space. I wish Apple would have given us the option to customize the installation so we could choose what apps/tools we want installed.
I need the developer CD. I purchased an iBook and it came with the OS X CD but not the developer CD. The reason I got the iBook was so I could have a portable development environment and now I cannot even compile a good copy of perl on here.

How can I get a CD? Can I get gcc and make with any of the downloadable software kits from the developers site? I am a member of the developer's network, but I am not finding the gcc compiler anywhere.
Apple's Developer tools can be downloaded from - you just need to go to the developer section and register as an ADC member (free).

Good Luck if you don't have a high bandwidth connection though!

I tried to find the compilers, but it seems Apple has changed how the site works. It is very limited now and all I was able to get was the Java and CarbonLib tools, but not compilers. I will look again, but I have looked several times now.

If you look at the SDK section of you will see the Project Builder page notes they files will be downloadable in the future, but are not currently available. I am annoyed by this lack of tools in my default install. It is so common for a Unix system to have gcc and make available. My iBook is basically useless without those tools.

I hope someone at Apple reads this post...