CCleaner, and Cleaners in general


What is y'all opinion on using a Cleaners, specifically like CCleaner on your MAC??? I know that some if not many, in the OFFICIAL Apple grp. are against them, as I know they would be about using any anti-virus specifically designed for APPLES, but I use both, 1) CCleaner nightly before shutting down, because I prefer deleting all my Cookies at the end of the day, EXCEPT for the ones that CCleaner OPTIONS tools allows me to save, since using either Safari OR Chrome Browser neither has a tool to SAVE cookies. 2) And Anti Virus (I use AVG) weekly, on Fridays, just to be safe, even though admittedly, in all the years now I have had my MacMini, it has not as much has gotten as much as a single, "PUP," or whatever Apple calls them.

I apologize if I am opening a bucket of worms here, but looking at others opinions :)
IMHO, you are overly cautious to the point of borderline paranoid. :)

You are just making a lot of extra work for yourself. Maybe Weekly, but monthly would keep you safe---assuming you are keeping up with OS operating systems.

Just what does that app clean out other than cookies? And why do you feel the need to shut down nightly? Just curious.
You do know that was written for PCs, right? Seems your previous life with PCs left an indelible stain on you. :)

That also site also mention it benefits MACs too. I have had one Windows machine (WindowsXP, 2006, that I converted to Linux, Mint 17). My favorite of all is the Chromebook I am typing on now, Absolutely NO WORRIES, PERIOD :)
LOL, but fox news is THE ONLY LameStreamMedia that I trust and believe anymore, not totally but the most trustworthy
I used to exclusively watch Fox for news & comment, but the Murdochs turned sour and now lean left; I've switched to NewsMax.
Enough said; I do not wish to turn this thread into a political fight.
Say everyone, I just now learned after owning this MacMini Since Jan 2017, LOL, that leaving it in sleep instead of full off allows it to do several maintenance functions, including Installing updates. Now when y'all just put your MACs to sleep do you leave the browser, no matter the one you use, I prefer Chrome, to stay open with the tabs you had up, or do y'all close the browser down before putting it to SleepyLand :) ?? TIA for any opinions.
Whatever I have open at the time I'm done for the night gets collapsed to the dock. Having a laptop, I just close the lid which is essentially putting the Mac to sleep.
I have NO automatic updates--i need to know what is being updated! The only benefit to leaving my Mac open is for Spotlight to refresh itself--not urgent for me.
To bring up with the economy in shambles with free/donationware application (Universal at least) the free Onyx and run the 'Maintenance' tab and run all the routines about every 4 -6 weeks! Depending if you use the web/YouTube a lot then diid it about once every 4 weeks!
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