cd burning


Seems a simple question but have not seen a post....

I am able to use my ext Yamaha 8424s cdr/cdrw drive with itools and disc burner in 9.21.

I have installed the 10.1 upgrade on my X drive. The 10.1 does not see my drive.

Will this now only work with apple factory drives or is there somewhere I need to configure to see my writer

some CD writers are not supported, but it's not SO restrictive as just 'Apple factory drives'. As far as I can tell, it depends on the interface of the drive, or whether the drivers are available/compatible with OSX. What connection is your yamaha?

I've just got a LaCie Firewire drive, which works fine, but I know that AdmiralAK has had problems with a SCSI drive.

Some more information, such as your machine configuration, would maybe help...
Thanks for the reply....

I have B&W G3 400mhz with a Apple/Adaptec 2940 card. The drive was from APS with a Yamaha 8424s. It is an external scsi model (8x 4x 24x). It seems to be a pretty compatible drive. I have couple of audio mastering apps that I use no problem....there weren't to many compatible drives on their list.

I am able to use Itunes in 9.21

Another thing I noticed tonight is that if I put an audio CD in the writer and bring up Itunes, I get a kernal panic. It looks like it is pulling an Adaptec 78xx driver. I don't usually use it for audio anyway, but thought it interesting regarding the driver.
Yeah, I definitely remember the Admiral bitching about his SCSI CD writer not being supported - I can only assume that they're going to 'get around to it'.
Sorry I can't be more help... AdmiralAK? You there? did you have any joy getting your writer working?