Cd Drive Stopped Working


My computer suddenly stopped accepting CD's. A message with a little red stopsign icon with an exclamation point comes up and says:

"You have in serted a disk containing no volumes that Mac OS X can read. To continue with the disk inserted, click Ignore."

"Ignore" is on the left and a pulsing blue "Eject" icon is on the right. If I ignore, no CD is shown on my desktop. If I don't do anything, it ejects eventually automatically.

My computer is an Power Mac G4 Quicksilver. I had updated to OS X 2.9.

I went to the Apple support site and tried a coding solution using Text Edit, but it didn't work. Also, I recently tried to install an Airport Extreme card which I found out doesn't work on my computer. My computer still worked fine after that, but a couple of days later, this problem started.