cd eject button on new pro keyboard - NO GOOD!


the cd-rom eject button on the new apple pro keyboard doesn't seem to work in os x. anyone else have the same problem, and if so, is there a fix? or is this already a known documented bug?
I don't have one of those keyboards, so I dont' know. But you should go to the apple support site and check the TIL for this.

Also, email apple and let them know about it from the feedback icone.

what's your system. I have a g4 dp (see my sig) and my eject doesn't work either. volume keys work ok though. i suspect it's just like with sleep, it's only supported on portables right now.
I have a 450G4DP, 40 Gig, 196 RAM, etc...
The Keyboard eject key does not work properly, but the volume and mute keys do work though. Does anyone out there who also has a DP system and the new keyboard have a working eject key? But since it DOES work for the iMac and not for my machine I think that it is a DP problem...