Cd-r Drive And External Usb


In preparing to install OSX, I had to do some moving things around. In the process I ran into a glitch with my Yamaha 8x8x24 internal CD-R. It never worked quite right in my Beige G3 desktop (later rom rev. $77D45F2), but did a fine job burning CD's. Anyway, I put the original Apple CD reader back in , and moved the CD-R to an external enclosure attached via USB (I have a USB add on card).

The drive is recognised by the system profiler as Mass Storage (but does not see it as a Yamaha CD-R unit), and does read CD's on insertion. However, the system profiler says "no disc burning support", AND, in Toast lite, a burner is not recognized.

any ideas?
If you have OSX installed already,try using one of these two programs,Patchburn or BurnX Free.They should be available at Macupdate or VersionTracker.They should get your mac to recognize the burner.