Cd-r(w) ?


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I just want to make sure I understand correctly, 10.0.2 only brought iTunes and iTunes only CD-R(W) use and not OS wise... meaning we still can not burn some files to a disc yet ???

I'm fix'in to buy a Predator drive... just want to make sure ....

Although 10.0.2 does allow me to mount CDs using my Iomega Zip CDRW 650 USB, it does not allow me to burn from any program but iTunes (as far as I can tell). Toast Titanium doesn't see the drive as a CDR or CDRW device.

When Toast works the way it should in X, I'm gonna throw a party. :)
Party eh ???
Can I come ??? I will bring the music lol :p
I am waiting for Titanium to work as well...that is pretty much one of the last things that keeps me in OS 9. Titanium rocks :) I've been having fun experimenting and making VCDs (VIVA CD-RWs lol..I cna write...and re-rite...and re-write :) :) :) ), playing around with multitrack CDs, ISO & Mac, audio...all sorts of nice things :)