CDDB Gracenote and iTunes Networking


I have a very ccomplex problem, but I'm only going to ask for help in solving some of it now. I am using Airport Express on my college network, so I had to set up my network in a certain way that makes me able to either surf the web OR share itunes. i can not do both simultaniously. I don't really mind that problem right now, but it leads me to my next issue which is the stupid CDDB Gracenote Database. i personally think it's almost pointless because there are almost always spelling errors, and it ususaly can't find the info for the music i listen to anyways..
Now since I have my network problem in itunes, the program refuses to connect to the internet in any way. My radio, podcast, and any internet related doesn't work, which is fine too. But every time I try to import a CD to my library, it automatically tries to connect to CDDB and I can't cancel it because iTunes freezes right away. I just wanted to know if there's any way to disable the CDDB connection. I can't seem to find any info anywhere. i am also using iTunes 5.0.1.

Thanx for any help...