Cdr Burner - Panther 10.3.8


My Plextor 820T scsi II CDR worked great in Jaguar, but when I upgraded to Panther, it stopped working. Its drawer opens upon start up and when closed, immediately opens again. My G4 733 "sees" the CDR when I select "more info" under "about this computer", but it simply does not work. It is connected to a ATTO UL3D SCSI card. I have checked and/or updated ATTO drivers and Plextor Tech support will only tell me that they don't support this drive anymore. The burner shows firmware 1.06. I found a Russian site that looked like it had a firmware 1.08, but it appears to be a PC file that I can't open. I am not sure it would work with macs anyway.

I burn audio CDR for comercial replication and like to burn at 1X or 2X, which is why I want to continue using this drive. Many of the new drives will not burn slower than 4X.
The drive could be going bad. The SCSI card may not be compatible with 10.3.8.
SCSI and OS X don't play well together. Do yourself a favor, and get a Firewire or USB drive, or an internal IDE Pioneer drive.